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BTS Red Lobster video shoot

A quick peek into our day at the studio when shooting videos for Red Lobster…

It was really cool to capture all of these behind the scenes videos and time lapse photos.

Pecan Peach Glaze Carrots

Pecan Carrots Peach Glaze

Want your kids to eat their veggies??  This is a good start for them.  They will savor the flavor and never even think about how you want them to eat more veggies.

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Peanut Grilled Pork Chops

Peanut Pork Chop Food Photography

When was the last time you had a …”Sassy”…Pork Chop Sandwich…?
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Shane’s Rib Shack Burger Trio

Shane's Rib Shack Burger Trio Food Photography

Sweet Onion Salad

Sweet Onion Salad Food Photography


Mix it up!!  Don’t be afraid.  Salads can be more than lettuce.  Green beans make a perfect choice. Read More

Ambrosia Grilled Peach Pineapple Salad

Ambrosia Grilled Peach Pineapple Salad

A southern classic salad with a new twist!! Read More

Spiced Roasted Peaches

Spiced Roasted Peaches Food Photography Atlanta

Tired of the same old thing? For dinner, try these out for size.

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Peach Chutney Topped Green Tomatoes

Peach Chutney Topped Green Tomatoes Cookbook Food Photography Atlanta

You can’t go throughout summer with out having green fried tomatoes, it’s what summers are made for. This is a nice recipe that we did for one of our cookbooks and it is real easy to make.

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Stella Artois Cinemagraph

Check out our new cinemagraphs that we now have offer at the studio.  This is our very first run at it, and it is mesmerizing!!

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Cocktails…Yes Please!!!!

Hooters Girls Cocktails Drink Menu Ringlight

Just received the 2015 Hooters Cocktails menu! Once again, a great job to Sull Graphics for printing a beautiful book. Hit your local Hooters restaurant and check it out!!

Happy National Chicken Wing Day!!!

Hooters Girls Ringlight Wings